The shop was launched by the artist Chris Judge and photographer Cliona O'Flaherty from their home in Dublin, Ireland.

A Daily Cloud is a project created by artist Chris Judge. Chris started making the cloud drawings during the first Covid-19 lockdown in the Summer of 2020. He was spending a lot of time in the garden with his wife and young children turning the garden into a little sanctuary for them to hang out in. Like many people, they were properly focusing on all the wonderful nature that surrounds us for the first time in years.
Chris's 8 year old daughter had commandeered his old Canon Camera and was taking hundreds of lovely photos of the flowers in bloom, bugs, birds and lots of things in the garden. One very quiet and calm evening Chris spotted some beautiful pink clouds that looked like a monkey and a bear. He took photos of them and on a whim drew very simple pencil lines on them and posted them on Twitter and Instagram. There was a wonderful, positive reaction to them so Chris decided to keep making new ones every day.
Using Chris's imagery Cliona designs and produces both calendars and prints for their online store.